5 new technologies available on new Mercedes-Benz E-Class generation

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Auto driving system, car parking through mobile phone, using mobile as car key, connecting with other cars to warn dangers,…  These are 5 new technologies that is going to be deployed on Mercedes-Benz E Class 2017

When Mercedes-Benz S Class generation was first introduced at the end of 2013, beginning of 2014, the top sedan model of Germany car firm offered a series of most advanced and luxurious technologies. Normally, this is the car series that have possesses the top class technologies of Mercedes-Benz which makes many people thought the upcoming E-class generation would give no surprise about technologies. However, this may not be true for E-Class 2017

Mercedes-Benz E-class is going to be presented in front of public for the first time in the North America Car Exhibition at the beginning of 2016. After that, the car series will be available for sales in the middle of the year as the generation of 2017 onwards. Two weeks before that, all the technologies of E-Class will be presented at the World biggest technologies Exhibition for consumers CES. The following 5 new technologies can help E-Class to surpass his predecessor S-Class, especially the car control using mobile phone as well as auto driving system.

Auto driving system

Auto driving system is the technology that has received a lot of concerns lately. It is known as the most advanced and skill achievement in the car industry. Of course, there hasn’t been any completely auto driving car model that is available and allowed to travel. However, S-Class can change direction itself in a certain conditions which Mercedes-Benz call “Half auto driving system”. E-Class 2017 will be equipped with this new technology.

“Half auto driving system” on E-class generation doesn’t mean that driver can put his hands off the steering wheel and let the car control complety. Under certain circumstances, the route control system (Distronic Plus adaptive cruise control) can interfere with the steering wheel to make sure the car go on the right track. What we need emphasize is that the system is not only effective on roads with clear lane lines but also on the one without. Aside from that, cameras and radas on the car not only scan and identify nearby obstacles like traveling vehicles but also buildings, roadblocks,… This system can work effectively at the speed up to 190 km/h. Simultaneously, the system can interfere to adjust speed and steering wheel in heavy traffic condition such as in a traffic jam.

Auto car parking from afar

A car that can auto park itself is no longer a new technology, even Ford Focus possess the same technology. However, new E-Class car auto park itself when the driver stand outside of the car. This can be easy done with a mobile phone installed application Remote Parking Pilot and Bluetooth connection to the car. From that, the driver can command the car from afar. The car can auto park itself into vertical parking lot or horizontal parking lot. Even small and narrow parking lots pose no problems. The car of course can get out of parking lot itself. The driver just have to be in 3 meter ranger from the car. Just slide his finger on the touchscreen to move the car slowly or stop sliding to stop the car.

Using mobile phone as a car key

BMW Series 7 is equipped with a key associated with a touchscreen while the new E-Class generation will turn any mobile phone into a car key. Thanks to this, the car owners only need to adjust his mobile phone appropriately. Therefore, the car owners can use their mobile phone instead of car key. They can put his mobile phone into the pockets. When they get close their cars, they can take their mobile phone out and easily open the doors. The connection between the car and mobile phone is done through near field connection (NFC). When you get inside, put your mobile phone no wire charge table and start the engine. The only requirement to use this technology is that your mobile phone has to have an appropriate NFC technology and a SIM card.

Active braking support system

Active braking support system has been mentioned a lot, especially in safety system Pre-Safe of Mercedes-Benz. However, the upcoming E-Class will actively brake sooner, particularly in circumstances when avoiding is impossible (for instance when all the lanes have obstacles). Apart from that, this system also work effectively in a lot of new situations, such as when you are at a traffic cross or when pedestrian is crossing. In the last circumstances, the auto driving system also increases support on driving and help drivers avoid obstacles easier.

Car to X interface

New E-Class will be one of the first models that aim at car to car communication technology. Thanks to data connection system, when drivers press a button on the screen to warn others about dangers on the road such as an accident, a broken car on the road, slippery roads, signals will be transmit to a specialized computer network to analyze. After that, these signals will be sent to other cars equipped with the same technology in the area. Signal that other car received will have symbols and marks on the map. Therefore, when this car get close to the incident, the warning signal will be emitted

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