Car Care Unitour 2019

Car Care 2019

Promoting and spreading the success of the CAR CARE UNITOUR Car Care Day the first in 2018, the Faculty of Automotive Engineering Technology of Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City combined with Mobile Car Care and many businesses involved in the field of automotive engineering and automotive services continue to organize CAR CARE UNITOUR 2019.
The event took place on November 16 and November 17, 2019 in Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh, 12 Nguyen Van Bao, Ward 4, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City with many interesting and useful activities and high orientation.

CAR CARE UNITOUR 2019 accompanies with the sponsors: Wurth, Saigon Petro, BMW (Thaco), Cairfog, OBD Vietnam, Ally equipment …
CAR CARE UNITOUR 2019 took place according to the specific schedule below:

16/11/2019 Activities
8:00 am to 12:00 Care and comprehensive maintenance car Opening and awarding Car Care Unitour scholarship The special music repertoire Student Skill contest
13:00pm to  16:45pm Care and comprehensive maintenance car Workshop: “Supporting industry and employment opportunities for automotive students” Student contest
17/11/2019 Activities
8:00 am to 11:30 am Care and comprehensive maintenance car Traditional meeting between Alumni, students and faculty of the faculty Close

The Car Care Unitour event 2019 brings together more than 20 high-tech experts in the field of service, automotive engineering technology, all lecturers and more than 20 technicians of the faculty of Automotive Engineering Technology who have high skill. This team will serve the requirements related to the customer’s car the two days of the event, with a variety of high-tech service items.

At CAR CARE UNITOUR 2019 this time, in addition to the goal of best serving for the car and the satisfaction, the peace of mind of the guests, the Organizing Committee of the event highly values the cohesion between the business and training facilities. At the same time, through the event, the scale of CAR CARE UNITOUR will increasingly expand, connect and accompany many famous automobile brands and world-class automotive service brands.

A special feature of this event is the total money of tickets that the organization committee was earned that will award scholarships to students who have excellent achievements of the faculty right at the event, to further encourage the studying belief of the students in the future.

Come to CAR CARE UNITOUR 2019, customers can register online at the link:

Or buy tickets directly from the organization committee, with the ticket price of only VND 300,000.0 VND to be serviced in PACKAGE, professional equivalent to VND 2,000,000.0, including the following services:

1 Free oil change at the program 6 Scan electronic errors by scanner
2 Washing the car 7 Check and maintain tires, batteries, horns, and rain wipers
3 Car care: erase asphalt, tire maintenance, glass cleaning … 8 Add coolant and wash glass water  
4 Deodorize and sterilize of the furniture and the air condition system of automotive 9 Check the air conditioning system
5 Clean the air filter 10 Replace the oil filter

Customers come to CAR CARE UNITOUR 2019 will be welcomed by the organization committee, and will be guided devotedly to enter the service area with the following diagram.

Other necessary support information, customers and students can contact via the phone number
HOT LINE: 0905.297.192 to support from PhD. Dang Tien Phuc.

CAR CARE UNITOUR 2019 certainly brings customers and students the highest satisfaction and promises to be the destination for services, high-tech in the field of automotive engineering technology because of safety, satisfaction and benefits of customer and of stakeholders.

                                                                                                     Reporter: Van Nang

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